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All wines are produced with grapes grown on the family estate. Thereby a continuous high-quality standard is guaranteed.


Lucas is making wine which reflects his land with its soils, climate, people, animals and plants. The wines represent the highest quality and variety of grapes grown in the best plots of his vineyards.


40/40 wines are known for their freshness, elegance and straightforwardness.


The freshness comes from good levels of acidity, which are obtained naturally by harvesting as early as possible.

The elegance is achieved by less extraction and – if suitable - lower levels of alcohol.


Thereby the fruity aromas are expressed in an elegant way rather than overpowering due to over ripeness.


The straightforwardness of the 40/40 wines is a result of Lucas’ way of winemaking.


The wines should portray the interaction between him and the grapes. To ensure that, he is avoiding vinification techniques which tend to standardize or aromatize the wines. He does not use any chemical or technological additives to modify the wines.


All wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts and are aged 12 months in barrels. There, all wines go through malolactic fermentation.

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